The Red Cross 150th Birthday: June 24

This is a very personal post about an institution we value highly (having been voluntary helpers for many years it has long become an important part of our lives): today – 150 years ago – Henry Dunant was witness to one of the bloodiest battles of the 19th century.  150 years ago his idea of finding ways to help at the battly of Solferino, Italy, was born.

150 years old The Red Cross
We can not (and would not want to) imagine the world without it today.

Happy Birthday, Red Cross !!!


ost timor rot kreuz einsatz
A few links, first in German:  “150 Jahre Menschlichkeit”
“Internationales Medienecho: 150 Jahre Rotes Kreuz”

… and then in English too, of course:  The Austrian Red Cross
The International Red Cross !


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