Giving our kids a hand to find their true passions

Eilene Zimmermann, New York Times (24 Oct ’09): an article making a wonderful point and putting a range of good arguments on the table,  in perfect Parental Pal spirit:

“Helping Teenagers Find Their Dreams”

Q. What, if anything, can parents of high-school-age children
do to guide them toward their true professional calling?

A. Some parents are apt to put pressure on their children about choosing a first career, thinking that it will determine the course of their lives. Yet as adults, we often reinvent ourselves more than once, moving among professions. So whatever your children choose now won’t necessarily define their future.

“I see many teens who jump on the first career track that someone recommends just to avoid being directionless, only to find themselves miserable a few years later,” said Tamar E. Chansky, a child-and-adolescent psychologist in Plymouth Meeting, Pa., and author of “Freeing Your Child From Anxiety.”

… read the full article here !


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