The Incognito Issue

Since we have now jumped the 100-mark, we certainly shall have to find a sensible solution for members with this question: “I want to use ParentalPal.Org but I am well known. So I would prefer to use a pseudonym for my family, is this possible ?”

It appears to be an issue we will have to deal with time and again – parents being concerned that their high public profile, be it national or international, will affect free usability and unhindered communication. It is not a classic celebrity problem; no worries – we do not have Brad and Angelina amongst us – it is rather a question of concern for people in politics, authors and creative artists.

Our basic rules of course include authenticity of identity. Nonetheless we will figure out an intelligent and sensitive way of tackling this, very likely on a case-to-case basis taking into consideration regional and other specific  characteristis, possibly even factors like Google and Bing search results for good measure.

Any comments, suggestions, advice or  cases of similar quality will be very welcome: !!! Thanks for your viewpoint!


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