Liberate your “social something”

It is an astonishing fact that people do so many things because they have come to accept that others do it too.

The more people follow a certain fashion, do specific things, join whatever – groups, platforms, clubs, societies, anything really – the more attractive this seems to the next folks in line too.

Not necessarily a bad thing in its own right, but this age old phenomenon is taking on weird and sometimes frightening proportions.  Excuse me, but how much actual real life remains for those who are always busy sharing and retweeting what they found (or what found them) on their screens?

By all means, both kids and adults should know what’s happening around them, where trends are going and what technology can do for them. But there is no obligation to follow these trends, there is no force of nature that turns tweeting and posting and chatting into something more powerful or necessary than spending time with your family, enjoying a good walk, reading an inspiring book, eating some decent food off a real table (not your lap in front of a TV) in good company, holding a conversation with people you can physically touch right there and then and having a real good laugh about something that’s not been already put on YouTube by someone else.

Liberate your social life ! Give it a chance to be real and human.

Your joys and sorrows don’t have to be shared online to turn them into official facts!

The internet, your online life, any social network: are they tools for fools?
No, let them be your instruments and not your masters !

The Parental Pal recommendation for the next time you feel your brain needs some vitamins: take 20 minutes to think about failures and about imagination. It’s time well spent. … where you also find the text in full copy. Alternatively you can watch it here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And you know: The “wilfully unimaginative” are just what a “ycccio” is not. Ever.


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