Waldorf meets Montessori

Montessori meets Waldorf

Maria Montessori 1870 – 1952 “Help me to do it myself”


Rudolf Steiner 1861 – 1925 Waldorf Education / Anthroposophy

Two of the most sought after keywords at ParentalPal.Org:
Waldorf and Montessori.

Maria Montessori and Rudolf Steiner were contemporaries.

Who are your child’s contemporary kindred spirits
and intellectual sparring partners ?
Parental Pals guide their kids to find each other.

Here is a collection of links for more information on Montessori and Steiner:

Wikipedia – The Montessori Method



Wikipedia – Maria Montesssori



Montessori Schools Worldwide



Life and Legacy / series of educational video clips

Wikipedia – Rudolf J. L. Steiner

Wikipedia – Waldorf Education

What is Steiner Education ?

Waldorf Schools Worldwide

An example with excellent explanations: Waldorf.ca

Worldwide exchange between Waldorf students & Waldorf Schools

A study comparing Waldorf and Montessori





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