Nowhere near the one percent mark

… cannot be anywhere near enough to what we need to face the future !

Statistics show that even in countries with education systems that boast a long standing tradition of teaching foreign languages and introducing kids to other countries, cultures and lifestyles in multiple subjects, not even one percent of teenagers between 14 and 19 ever cross the border for the sake of education.

Student exchange is talked about a lot. But it’s mainly talk and 99% of all able and willing teens remain at home and don’t go anywhere.

Education experts agree  with brain specialists that our capacity for learning languages declines year by year. Starting to learn a language or to practice it sometime later at university will never bring the same results as the early years can. Just as relevant is the question of discovering own talents and strengths, ideally at a relatively early stage. Exposure to new ideas and fresh thoughts can be a great catalyst for this.
Please visit Shared Mindspace to learn about facts and figures by comparing student exchange (teenagers, not college or university) in the US to Germany, both are nations who have a strong belief in their open mindedness and in the relevance of good education.

Faced with these stats we conclude:

It’s time to change the parameters and give kids the opportunity
access criteria measured in terms of ability, willingness, attitude
and readiness to learn.
Not by who their parents know and how much they have.

It’s high time for new concepts and more global thinking in education.


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