Young global natives need adrenalin

Here is what we believe in:

no pushing or pulling, no incentive or bullying can give a kid
true motivation.

Excitement can.

The adrenalin of excitement is the most powerful source of energy –
the thrill of learning something you really want to know about,
the kick of understanding what’s been a puzzle so far …
– nothing works better for education that sticks.

And old style teaching – “I preach, you listen” – does not deliver.

Young global natives embrace diversity, they are creative and curious.

Their education needs the open welcome of the world – early enough –
and the gentle backing of a reliable home – for long enough.

Here is where they get just that – low cost & high impact:

ParentalPal.Org will relaunch as The Good Mondays Society  7/7/12

Find out why and what it can do for you here.


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