The search for the stayers is on

We’re looking for dedicated students who want to think but not go global !!! It is frequently claimed that they are the majority. But when it comes to pinning them down individually, it’s not that easy … …………….. HOW WE STUDY TO UNDERSTAND:   Some need movement, others crave stability. And both matter. Perhaps you can help?  How do YOU play “the learning game”? Experiential vs theoretical ? ….

The Max Mindspace Meta Study  is a global project: It was launched to look into the effects of studying away from home. It will help us develop better education through personal experience. We are the world’s number one service for young people with intellectual wanderlust. Which means we have a great number of students available who tell us about their perspective as “movers”. But we also want to talk to the others, to the ones who prefer to stay nearest to home for their years at college and university. We need to find out about the thoughts, the needs and the worries of young people who do not want to venture out. There are good reasons for moving and there are plenty of motives for staying. The range of emotional and rational considerations is tremendous. So if you feel you can contribute and/or if you know others who might be interested in giving their views, then please visit (and recommend) this link to our questionnaire: …. …………………………………… Naturally, if you would rather find out about the experiential side of the learning, you are most welcome to join us. In this case we invite you to visit first to get a good idea on our philosophy of starting early for a truly fulfilling life.


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