Programming the daily LIKE


Hey, so we have invented 172 smart strategies of educating people who will end up hating their Mondays because they really do not like doing what they feel they are obliged to do. This is getting tedious, who is game for number 173?

Or is there an alternative?

The world of education is being discussed, re-discussed, reformed etc. …  time and again are we trying to change things and make them better. From toddlers to post-docs, we analyse them all!

How much can it cost, how long should it take, who can teach and who should not, is there a job market out there in five years time for this and that … lots of issues, lots of considerations. It all matters.

And of course there are parents who will ask the crucial question
“Will this make them happy? Is this really just right for my kids?”

Their percentage roughly equals the percentage of moms and dads
who consider their parental duty well done if their kids manage to
reach full age without unwanted pregnancies and criminal records.

So we’ve just looked at both ends of the spectrum.

But isn’t this a damned sorry state of affairs? 

We will do everything in our power to make this question
a vital part of mainstream education:

How well can a kid’s disposition, temperament,     
talents and passions be met in education?

Naivity is no help, we are not blue eyed and know
very well that this is an illusion, life is not like that:

…….. And yet:

just the occasional good day and some great weekends in between the boring times is certainly not good enough. There must be more to life, there must be more to every average working day!

Education can give a kid the tools to build a great life.
And “great life” does not always mean other folks’ idea of a career.

True success is like real beauty.
In the eye of the beholders, a very personal thing indeed.

A life without dreading the next Monday, with interests  in tune with talents and new challenges in harmony with professional ambitions. Such a life will also know its ups and downs, will have weekends in bed with the flu and lousy days perhaps with no good explanation at all.
If your life is in tune with your soul, if you have found “your element”, you will be able to look forward to tomorrow. Time and time again.

 orginally started off to give teenage students the chance to connect with the world. To connect within the shelter, approval and support of the family. In an intelligent and affordable way to establish a dialogue with kindred spirits anywhere in the world, a window to life itself!

Three years of intensive communication with the families in the network – and it was time to redefine our mission. Going global is still a key element and always will be. Getting very personal is the other side of the coin.

So this is our pledge:

we shall endeavour to take the spirit of Good Mondays mainstream.  We will do everything in our power to provide parents with the means – without regard to their budget and with great emphasis on their attitude – to do their best in letting their kids learn what they yearn for, experience what they long for, understand what it takes to be their real self.

And we shall always ask for support in spreading the word to reach as many families as possible: “Moms and dads! Your kids want chances to learn and opportunities to experience. Take the initiative. You’re not alone!”



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