Case Studies

Case Studies

A big and colourful story book of astonishing things that can happen
when a Good Mondays cooperation
gains momentum. 

For a growing collection of real life stories, of people who would have never met otherwise and feel there sure is no looking back now, please check out the new Case Studies page (please click on the screenshot below)!

The Good Mondays Case Studies


…..  and here is an interesting article on two true pioneers of new teaching !

Contemporaries and kindred spirits


5 responses to “Case Studies

  1. A. Castelain

    We have been Parental Pals for six months by now and I must tell you how delighted we are. Why? Because our children have never been so motivated before!
    We have not made any journeys yet and there have been no personal encounters so far, but our son (14) and our daughter (almost 12) are full of excitement and they study English “with a vengeance” at school now. They have lots of plans for the summer.
    So far we have filtered down to three families we feel we could get along with really well, the kids have connected and interconnected via Facebook and it very much looks like one partner family might turn into a promising business connection too. Only one of our Pal families are native English speakers and it does us all good to practice so frequently now. We think this is the best thing since sliced bread!
    Alain and Suzanne C.

  2. Hello to all fellow parents,
    I think we should briefly add our story, it fits well:
    Sean and I met many years ago in Sao Paulo after we had travelled (backpackers !) a fair bit through South America. Of course we had made friends there but at the time we never thought about having kids and family, we didn’t even know we would get married one day … So most of our contacts somehow just faded out of sight over the years. We’re both from the UK where we live again now and since our two boys are now 8 and 11 we figured that they should start learnng Spanish and Portuguese now (we spoke both languages well once but lack of practice is an issue). The GP I work for told me about your grand network project and so we joined Parental Pals in September 09. What happened since: we found two really interesting partner families, one in Brazil and the other in Peru and – would you believe it – we really managed to come across an old mutual friend from Rio who lives in Lisbon now. With wife and four kids, although he always swore he would never settle down!
    And two days ago we received an unexpected PM from Igor, who was my fellow student at UCL some 20 years ago and who has recently taken his family to Sochi to build hotels for the Olympic Games. Who knows, we might well go there in 2014 too!!!
    So this is our testimonial so far: this has changed our life a lot and we like it. We would never have (re-)established any of these connections through any other network, not only because we would not have looked for them in this way. Focusing on the kids’ interests has brought Sean and me back into the global arena too! And the boys absolutely love it.

  3. Misako Kojima

    This is very good. My family is happy because our son is now motivated to study English. Perhaps my English will get better now too!
    Greetings, Misako

  4. Sven

    I thought that it would be just as simple to get some useful connections by using Facebook and the likes. So really, why pay? But what got me convinced now is the concept of being able to search so precisely; it was the “contemporaries and kindred spirits” idea that makes me envisage next-to-perfect matches considering my son’s rather unusual combination of interests. I’ll give it a go now. Sven

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