The Elemental Web

The Elemental Web is the social internet’s counterpart
to all things fast,  free and non-committal. 

It is the web going elemental.
Individual, to the point, with passion.

“Free” is great, we all use free services and they are certainly essential wherever quantity of members matters. The sheer power of numbers gives power to an idea, a philosophy, a strategy or an experience. Numbers mean leverage.

The price of free is not measured in money but in terms of time and privacy. Yet, we are glad that freebies exist; they offer service and novelty value for just a bit of good will and patience in return. Even advertising as part of the package can add real value by offering a highly focused information channel. The catch: the indiscretion of crowded places and the overflow of unnecessary stuff.

Society constantly moves on and the internet gets more mature by the day: a growing segment of communication turns to the Elemental Web for shelter and for quality.

Elemental Networks are the grown-up Social Web.

Organizations like are based on a set of values with clearly defined parameters and they ask for personal commitment and identity. In consequence their services are not free but valuable.

Focus and clarity matter as much as reliability and integrity. Here are the key elements on which Good Mondayers base their membership criteria and their network quality:

IDENTITY: members are real persons with a name and a face. No nicknames, no aliases. The application process verifies the parents’ identity and looks at additional credentials, we know our members. Authenticity of person and personality is a key criterion and Good Mondayers acknowledge the “No-Bull-Policy” as their code of conduct.

INTEREST: mutuality of interest is the essence of inspiring dialogues and win-win relationships. It warrants understanding, personal effort, reliability and the pursuit of a common purpose.

COMMITMENT: the Elemental Web builds on genuine personal commitment, on members who fully identify with the philosophy of their network and the ideals it stands for. Commitment starts with personal input such as a membership fee, an application process or a creative act. The “price/prize” strategy at is an innovative way to enable both material and immaterial access. The effectiveness of this threshold manifests itself in the unconditional exit-and-money-back guarantee that no member has ever called upon yet!

Good partners, seen in a scientific perspective:
It is a verifiable fact that altruism is an excellent way to happiness!

Stefan Klein, the renowned scientist and author, spent years of intensive research and provides conclusive proof: unselfish behaviour is a highly efficient way to become and stay happy.
He delivers convincing evidence that the majority of people are quite prepared to give others a helping hand provided – !!! – they can be sure that they are not being taken advantage of.

To ensure just that, the Elemental Web builds on Identity, Interest and Commitment. And Good Mondayers expand on these values from the perspective of the famous African wisdom “It takes a village to raise a child”.
We are the village and we raise Generation Global.