The Famillage

You exchange the handshake of mutual trust with parents who
share your values, match your wants and welcome your offers.
They and their children are your family’s “FAMILLAGE”.
As your kids grow and mature you find they need wider horizons and
a larger arena to practice their skills. Your home, the shelter of a warm
and secure family nest, is their precious constant in a changing world. 

To provide more nests for your kids – in places where they want to go
to learn, to experience, to find their own full spectrum of possibilities –
you can build the proverbial village it takes to raise a child.

The “village” of your extended family, your FAMILLAGE, is the equivalent
of your international subsidiaries to your family’s headquarters.

It is your network of partner families with whom you cooperate.
Some may become part of your life, some may accompany you part
of the way. And what they are for you you will be for them:
hosts, mentors and safe haven for each other’s children on
their journey to adulthood.


The Famillage






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