Embrace diversity.    Share ideas.    Question your beliefs.

SchoolPal is an invitation to young people to put active brainwork into their personal global thinking. Whether they take a PRO or a CON attitude when they get started is secondary:  SchoolPal wants kids to differentiate and look at issues individually, to try and see the other side of any argument instead of just accepting other people’s conclusions.
The offer to write, to express themselves and to take part has multiple benefits for teachers, parents and naturally the kids themselves.

The competition for The Global Thinking Kid Award encourages the young generation to tell the world why learning languages, geography and history is not a chore but a pleasure and to explain the fun of adopting a global approach. They are encouraged to advertise actively for a look beyond regional boundaries and to entice their readers to widen the angle of their vision. They really should let their imagination go wild!

The gist: we expect them to do their best to inspire the world, their peers and in consequence themselves to adopt a wider perspective – on life, on the world and — again — on themselves. And there is a lot to gain along the way, apart from insight and outlook.

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